About me

An enthusiastic Electrical Engineer in the making

C++, C, Python, Java, JS, PASCAL, FORTRAN, PHP, Learning 6502 assembly,
PEARL, Perl, Lua, Objective-C, C#, LISP ->not sure if I still remember,
Learning BCPL, COBOL->if I can remember anything, Ruby, A bit of Delphi,
MATLAB :O=, and a few more I do not really care about.

I love hardware engineering...
I do a bit of software engineering...
I do some CV stuff...
I do some NLP stuff...
I work on ASR
I do other stuff with machine learning...
I do some web-dev...
I read up on stuff in Linguistics such as Cognitive Linguistics
So my abilities are more of a roller coaster that calls another coaster's tracks
that creates a buffer and then has recursive track that is called from the starting track minus the coaster.
Software && Hardware Architecure all night

More About Me:
What did the first pole say to the second pole?
We may have split, but we will never let that zero come between us again.

Do birds fly?
Planes fly but birds do not
Figure it out for yourself and from an absent point of view
a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men